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CMJ, a dynamic ministry propelled by devotion to God and the fulfillment of His promises to His people Israel, is reaching out to thousands, both locals and visitors to the Land.
Christ Church located in Jerusalem's Old City, is a center of prayer for all nations with worship reflecting the Jewish context of the gospel.
Christ Church Guest Housegive both Israelis and pilgrims a safe haven for resting, exploring the Land and seeking an encounter with God.
Beit Immanuel Guest Houselocated in Tel Aviv in a spacious and picturesque, mid-18th Century structure that once served as the glittering Baron’s Palace, five minutes from beautiful Mediterranean beaches.
Beit Bracha Guest Houseoverlooking the Sea of Galilee with the Golan Heights beyond, this House of Blessing, as it is called, is literally ministering peace to Christians from around the world.
The Museums  reveal the scope of the Christian contribution to the Restoration of the State of Israel, as guides tell this remarkable story to thousands of Israeli visitors each year.
Christian Schools  serve local and international believers, offering students a unique Jesus-centered perspective and a strong education in a caring community.
Biblical Study Tours  illuminate the Jewish roots of the Christian faith, helping believers from many nations uderstand God's continued role for the Jewish people.
CMJ, with its rich heritage of 200 years of service and its present diversity of ministries, continues to bridge ethnic, religious and national boundaries, sharing the reconciling love of Jesus with both the Jewish People and the nations.
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About CMJ

CMJ  announces its new Executive Director:          
Garth and Vibeke           

Garth Gilmour was born in Cape Town. He studied Biblical Archaeology at the University of Cape Town, the Hebrew University and the University of Oxford. For the past 14 years, he and his wife Vibeke have been resident‚Äč in Oxford, where he has been based in the Department of Hebrew and Jewish Studies at the University of Oxford, teaching and conducting research and serving as Administrator of the European Association for Jewish Studies. He will take up the position of Director of CMJ-Israel in October 2016.




About CMJ

Because of the pioneering work of English church reformers such as Wycliffe and Tyndale who translated the Bible into vernacular English, Christians in England became familiar with the Bible, its teachings, and the special role God planned for His covenant people Israel. It was no coincidence that CMJ was established in England in 1809 by prominent Christians.                        

From the beginning CMJ was aware that God had promised to bring Israel back to its God, Messiah and land. Seeing the oppression and persecution of the Jewish people, CMJ began a ministry to relieve the suffering of the Jewish people through charity at local levels, political activism in the highest echelons of the British government, and proclaiming the Gospel of God's Kingdom.  The Good News of His love for mankind and the ultimate consummation of His reign on the earth included the promised restoration of His covenant people to their calling.
CMJ set up mission stations throughout the world. Schools, churches, clinics, hospitals, printing presses and bookshops were established primarily in Europe and the Middle East to help alleviate the suffering of the Jewish people. CMJ staff were instrumental in combating anti-semitism, and Christians in the British government (many involved with CMJ such as Wilberforce and Shaftesbury) played a key role in the Jewish return to the Land of Israel.   CMJ not only built the first Protestant church in the Middle East, Christ Church Jerusalem, but also the first schools, the first houses of industry for job training, and the first hospital with state-of-the-art equipment and medicine, all of which which helped bring modern standards of health, welfare, and education to the area.
CMJ in Israel continues its ministry of being a witness to both Jews and Gentiles of God's love and faithfulness as found in Jesus the Messiah.  Today we express this in many practical ways:  supporting and educating local believers, praying for the peace of Jerusalem, combating anti-semitism, teaching Christians about their Jewish Roots, and proclaiming the return of the King.
Please read our Statement on Israel and the Palestinians.