Our Heritage

Welcome to the CMJ Heritage Centers. We aim to present the long and rich legacy of ministry among the Jewish people unparalleled in Israel, the Middle East, North Africa, and much of Europe. The history and associations of this Society are preserved through the Heritage Centers based at CMJ ministry centers in Israel. The Heritage Centers preserve the important and invaluable influence and contribution that British and European Protestant Christianity has had on the Middle East and in particular to the Jewish people in the Land.

Prime Ministers, statesmen and ambassadors are among the principal players in this remarkable tale of international intrigue and personal sacrifice spanning two hundred years of turbulent history. The drama includes the daring construction of Christ Church, set prominently in the old city of Jerusalem, the appointment of the first Jewish Bishop in almost two thousand years and the founding of the Church’s Ministry among the Jews.

- John Nicolayson
“If the Jew's Society had concerned itself only with conversion we could ignore it. It was that vital linked factor, the restoration of Israel, that gives the Society's work historical importance.”
- Barbara Tuchman, Jewish Historian 1956