Shoresh Study Tours
Shoresh Study Tours

In-depth teaching on the Jewish roots of the Christian faith. The sights and sounds of modern and ancient Israel. Fellowship with local Israeli believers. Since 1986, this is what we've offered on Shoresh Study Tours - a unique experience of the Land of Israel and chance to know the God of Israel better. Come and see for yourself.

Sample Itineraries
The Life and World of Jesus ~ Introducing the life and times of Jesus the Messiah.
The Roots of Faith ~ Old Testament-New Testament survey tour. Optional extensions include: Egypt (Mt. Sinai, Cairo, Pyramids, etc.) and Jordan (Petra, Madabah & Mt. Nebo, etc.).
God's Faithfulness ~ We will travel through the land, from coast to desert to mountains, to visit the places where important Biblical events took place, and dig deep into the Scriptures in their original context to learn about God’s faithfulness to His people, in the past, present, and future.
Young Adults Tour ~ Israel Adventure tour designed for young adults.
Why Shoresh?

Shoresh is a non-denominational ministry and all of our staff and tour guides are committed followers of Jesus. Shoresh is Hebrew for root. Since Yeshua Himself is the root, we focus on Him. In doing so, we take into account the fact that historically Yeshua acted and spoke as a Jew amongst Jews in the Land of Israel.

Our study tours are designed to give you new ears to hear biblical teachings in their original context and to help you grasp the Jewish roots of the New Testament faith.
Any number of tour companies can take you to the usual historical sites, fun attractions and restaurants-attached-to-tourist-shops that every tourist to Israel is made to visit. It’s true that Shoresh Study Tours will make sure you see all the important biblical sites, and then some (although we may skip a few of those shops). However, every place we go, every lesson that we present, and every experience we prepare for you revolves around a much more far-reaching goal: we want our tours to be used by God to make loving disciples of Yeshua (Jesus) – people who know God’s love for them and share it with others.
Join a Shoresh Study Tour and be introduced both to God’s heart for the spiritual rebirth of the Jewish people and to the living body of Messiah in Israel, composed of Jews, Arabs and others. We hope that having experienced what the God of Israel is doing in the Land today, you’ll take home a deeper understanding of Messiah and a vision for the salvation of Israel, and will add your prayers to that end.

"Stand in the ways and see and ask for the ancient paths, where the good way is, and walk in it; and you will find rest for your souls." "The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised, To preach the acceptable year of the Lord." "Be diligent to present yourself approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, accurately handling the word of truth." "But beyond this, my son, be warned: the writing of many books is endless, and excessive devotion to books is wearying to the body."
- Jeremiah 6:16 - Luke 4:18-19 - 2 Timothy 2:15 - Ecclesiastes 12:12


Tour Schedules

2017 Tour Schedules
View or download selected itineraries by clicking on the highlighted tour names.
For more information and details about the tour, contact the tour leader by clicking on their name or write to us at: Shoresh Tours on Facebook Shoresh Tours Video
Jan 16 - 26 The Life & World of Jesus Rev. Andrew Rowell
Jan 16 - 26 The Roots of Faith Jim and Marcy Osterhaus
Feb 6 - 17 The Life & World of Jesus David Drake & Mike Gould (USA)
Feb 14 - 25 Exegetical Fam Rev. Cn. Daryl Fenton (USA)
Feb 13 - 23 Canadian Israel Familiarization Rev. Sharon Hayton and Bishop Trevor Walters (CAN)
Mar 22 - Apr 3 Turkish  
Apr 9 -21 In the Steps of Abraham, Jesus & the Anzacs Orit Crombie & Kelvin Crombie (AUS)
May 21 - 30
The Life & World of Jesus Bp. Neil and Marcia Lebhar (USA)
May 24 - Jun 5 God's Faithfulness Bp. Foley and Alison Beach (USA)
May 29 - Jun 9
God's Faithfulness Joel K. Johnson, Westwood (USA)
June 3 - 14 The Land of the Bible Dr. Allen Ross (USA)
Oct 2 - 14
God's Faithfulness w/Jordan  Rebecca Lin (China)
Oct 2 - 16 With Jesus at Sukkot  Martin Weatherston & Rev. John Simons (AUS)
Oct 6 - 15
Iraqi Tour
Oct 13 - 24 God's Faithfulness Dr. Theresa Newell (USA)
Oct 17 - 28 The Life & World of Jesus Sean Lambert (USA)
Oct 18 - 29 God's Faithfulness Then & Now Alan & Robin Gilman (CAN)
Oct 19 - Nov 1
In the Steps of the Light Horse  Barry Rodgers (AUS)
Oct 22 - Nov 1 Balfour Centenary Tour Paul Hames (UK)
Oct 27 - Nov 5 From Desert to Dominion Robin & Sue Aldridge Bowell (UK)
Nov 6 - 19 Patriarchs, Prophets, High Priest & Coming King Rev. Sharon Hayton & Joy Rousay (CAN)
Nov 14 - 25 God's Faithfulness Pastor Lim Swee Geok (Singapore)
Nov 20 - Dec 1
God's Faithfulness Abp. Stanley Ntgali (Uganda)
Additional tours are being finalized at this time.

2018 Tour Schedules Shoresh Tours on Facebook Shoresh Tours Video
Jan 7 - 16
Life & World of Jesus
Rev. David Charney
Jan 22 - Feb 2 CMJ FAM Tour USA
Jan 22 - Feb 2
God's Faithfulness  Todd & Beth Hoogland (USA)
Feb 13 - 23
CMJ FAM Tour Daryl Fenton and Theresa Newell (USA)
Feb 20 - Mar 2 The Life & World of Jesus Leiton & Lisa Chinn (USA)
Mar 5 - 15
 The Life & World of Jesus HOP (USA)
Mar 6 - 17 CJCS USA
Mar 10 - 20 The Life & World of Jesus
Mar 23 - 26
Apr 9 -19 The Roots of Faith HarvestNet Institute (USA)
Apr 10 - 21
God's Faithfulness  Marnie Spencelayh (CAN)
Apr 20 - 30 The Life & World of Jesus Craig and Holly Tanksley (CAN)
Apr 29 - May 15 CMJ South Africa Revd John Atkinson (SA)
May 24 - Jun 5 Hastings USA
Jun 1 - 12
Life & World of Jesus
Rev. Can. Paul Jagoe (USA)
Jun 8 - 17 GAFCON FAM
Jun 14 - 25 The Life & World of Jesus Ellis (USA)
Jun 26 - Jul 6
The Life & World of Jesus
Jul 27 - Aug 7
Shoresh Study Tour  Ian Stobart (UK)
Oct 3 - 14
God's Faithfulness  Andrew Hackett (UK)
Oct 9 - 19
  Grecco (USA)
Oct 12 - 23
Watchmen Mission
Berry (USA)
Oct 20 - 27
The Life & World of Jesus
Ursula Johnston (UK)
Oct 21 - 31
  Greer (Mexico)
Nov 1 - 12
God's Faithfulness  Bob Coon (USA)
Nov 6 - 17 Study Tour Jay Abramson (USA)
Nov 12 - 22
  St Andrews (Singapore)
Nov 13 - 24
  St James (Singapore)
Dec 26 - Jan 3
  Truro (USA)
Additional tours are being finalized at this time.

 2019 Tour Schedules Shoresh Tours on Facebook Shoresh Tours Video
Jan 22 - Feb 3
Feb 5 - Feb 16 Exegetical FAM Tour USA
Feb 11 - Feb 23

Resurrection (USA)
Mar 14 - 25
The Roots of Faith
Anni Douglas (UK)
Mar 13 - 23
Patterson (USA
Jun 6 - 11
Jun 13 - 24 God's Faithfulness
Michael Neubert (USA)
Nov 5 - 16

Osterhaus (USA)

  Additional tours are being finalized at this time.


Study Materials

Each Shoresh Study Tour participant is provided with a printed copy of our Shoresh Study Reader, which consists of various articles, maps, prayers, biblical texts and other items that are specifically selected to complement each tour and the sites visited. These materials enhance daily lectures and provide a greater context and understanding of the live and times of Jesus. 
Below are links to a selection of articles and maps that would complement a typical Shoresh Study Tour. Feel free to peruse and download them!
1 Map of Ptolemaic & Seleucid monarchies, 3rd-1st centuries BCE
2 Territorial Divisions in the Hellenistic Period
3 Map During the Time of Judas Maccabeus, 160-155 BCE
4 Reprisals to the Maccabean Revolt, 164-163 BCE
5 Map of the Rule of the Hasmonean Dynasty, 140-37 BCE
6 Timeline of Significant Political Events in the 2nd Temple Period
7 Jerusalem in the Time of Jesus: Excavations Along the Southern Wall of the Temple Mount
8 The Holy Land under Rome and the Herodian Dynasty
9 The Ministry of Jesus in the Galilee
10 The Sea of Galilee in the time of Jesus
11 The Historic Port of Caesarea
12 The Essenes
13 The Sadducees
14 The Pharisees
15 The Zealots


  • God. Hebrew Scriptures & New Testament.

Shoresh is not necessarily in agreement with everything written in the following books. Use discernment and prayerfully compare everything with the Scriptures.

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