To China ... and Beyond!

My visit to Hong Kong and Taiwan

To China ... and Beyond!

Preparing gifts for China visit

One of the purposes of this Director's Corner blog is for me to post information about my travels, so that anyone who wishes to learn more about CMJ Israel, or to come to meetings that I’ll be speaking at, can know about them.

So I will be posting details of visits to different countries and, where appropriate and available (when you’re a guest you don’t always know the details of what you’ll be doing), dates and places of my talks, lectures, teaching and preaching.

I’m about to take a plane to China. My colleague, Rev. Aaron Eime and I have been invited to attend a large conference of Chinese Christians in Taipei next weekend, 16th to 18th February. For a couple of days thereafter we’ll be hosted locally, meeting believers and visiting churches. This is one of those occasions that we have little information about our itinerary, and nothing to post here.

We are flying via Hong Kong, where we will be for two days. There is a CMJ branch in Hong Kong, and we will be joining our colleagues there for a conference, where both Aaron and I will be speaking. No details of time or place, but if the talks are posted online, we’ll provide the link as soon as we have it.

The picture shows my colleagues at CMJ preparing gifts for our hosts. One of the joys, and challenges, of visiting a new country is learning a little about the local customs. I don’t know any Chinese, and I don’t plan to learn very much, but I have found out that the Chinese love giving and receiving gifts. They don’t have to be very large, or expensive, but they should be given. So we are going prepared!

Then to the UK

A few days after we return, my wife Vibeke and I will travel to the UK, where we are due to attend a prayer breakfast at the Senedd, the Welsh Parliament building in Cardiff. The purpose of the Breakfast, to be held on 1st March, St David’s Day, is to celebrate Wales’ Christian Heritage. When I think about this subject, I’m surprised that they’re only hosting a breakfast. I would have thought that at least a week-long conference would be needed to celebrate the massive contribution made by Wales and the Welsh to the spiritual life of Britain and indeed to the world! We’re excited and honoured to be invited to represent CMJ at this significant event, and we’re looking forward to it greatly.

And to North America

I will be in north America in April, visiting the USA and Canada. I’ll post more details of events that I’ll be attending as they become available.

Please pray for us as we embark on this busy schedule of travel and speaking over the next three months. I look forward t meeting you at any of these events you are able to attend.

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