Commemorating Welsh Christian Heritage in the Holy Land

Yesterday at Christ Church in Jerusalem a simple plaque was unveiled commemorating Welsh Christian and military heritage in the Holy Land.

The ceremony was attended by a cross-party group of six Members of the Welsh Assembly.

As we listened to the brief but pertinent speeches, I was struck by the remarkable contribution of the Welsh to this country, particularly at times of great crisis. Welsh soldiers were part of General Allenby’s forces that conquered the Holy Land and overcame the Ottoman resistance in Jerusalem in November 1917. Welsh soldiers, we were told, were the first European forces to act as military watchmen on the walls of Jerusalem since Crusader times. Their contribution to the liberation of the city was critical, and largely unheralded.

Welsh plaque, Christ Church Jerusalem
Star of David

There is a thread, perhaps we can say a red Welsh thread of quiet, undramatic and yet hugely significant activity when it comes to the critical moments in Jewish history in the Holy Land over the last century.

Let us hope that the erection of this plaque commemorating the Welsh Christian heritage here will inspire others, Welsh and everyone else who sees it, to take courage and stand with the Jewish people in times of need in the future.

Welsh plaque unveiling at Christ Church Jerusalem
Members of the Welsh Assembly at the ceremony (L-R): Mandy Jones, Alun Davies, David Pileggi (Rector, Christ Church Jerusalem), Llyr Gruffydd, Russell George, Darren Millar, Jenny Rathbone, Garth Gilmour (Director, CMJ Israel)



Well done, Garth. A highly significant event, no doubt little shared in the UK media. Would I be ok to write something about it, and also forward this newsletter to an American friend who's been living in Wales for the past 15 years or so praying for revival?

Dear Charles, yes of course. This event was a timely reminder of this important factor in Wales' national identity and character, and the more people who become aware of it, the better.

As an Englishman living in Wales, I am delighted to see this recognition of the Welsh contribution to the re-establishment of the State of Israel. I look forward to seeing the plaque on my next visit to Jerusalem.

Dear Roy, We look forward, as ever, to seeing you here when you are next in Jerusalem. And of course, we welcome anyone Welsh, with Welsh heritage, living in Wales or associated with Wales in any way to come to Christ Church, to see the plaque, and to be inspired to pray that this small but great nation extends this red thread of Welsh support for Israel and the Jewish people into the future.

Excellent. Great news that at least some UK legislators have acknowledged the importance of the UK's important role in the Holy Land

Dear Rufus
You're right. At a time of great challenge for many MPs in the UK as to their support for Israel, and their stand against anti-Semitism, this event speaks volumes for these Welsh AMs and their strong statement commemorating Welsh involvement here over the last century.

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