Garth's trip to the USA and Canada

My Vision for the Trip

I’m flying to Washington DC on Sunday to start a month-long visit to North America. I plan to share about the ministry of CMJ Israel with different people and communities; some know us well, others I suspect have never heard of us.

I believe passionately that CMJ Israel has a call and a responsibility to serve the Jewish people by preparing the way for what Paul calls in Romans 11 “the salvation of Israel”. I’m often asked what Paul meant when he wrote, “All Israel will be saved” (Romans 11:26), and I always reply that I believe it means this: All Israel Will Be Saved! And we at CMJ have a call to prepare the way for that great happening.

This is a vital message, one of the most important for our day, and I am excited to have the opportunity and privilege to share with our friends and supporters in the US and Canada.

While in the USA I will be mostly speaking to individuals and small groups, with no public meetings. That may change, but for now the only talk I’m giving to an audience is at the LCJE Conference in Atlanta on Monday 16th April (

In Canada it’s different. There I’ll be accompanied by my Jerusalem-based CMJ colleague, Rev. Aaron Eime, for a number of public meetings in churches in the west of the country, all arranged by our friends at CMJ Canada. There will also be meetings with smaller groups and individuals.

Our aim is to raise awareness of the ministry of CMJ and to encourage support in four ways:

  1. By volunteering to work with CMJ in Israel (;
  2. By visiting the Land with a Shoresh Tour (
  3. By committing to pray for the ministry of CMJ Israel regularly
  4. By contributing financially to CMJ Israel (

While the events listed here are subject to change, these are the public meetings that have been arranged for us so far.

Sunday 22nd April:

St Matthew’s Abbotsford


8.45 am Morning service. Garth preaching.

7 pm Evening event: Informal meeting at the Coffee House fellowship hall. Q&A.


Tuesday 24th April:

Parkland Baptist Church


6.30 pm Evening event. Aaron and Garth sharing.


Saturday 28th April:

Chemainus Pentecostal Church, BC Canada


11 am to 2 pm

Teaching by Aaron and Garth on the Jewish roots of the Christian faith, God’s purposes with Israel, God’s working in history


Church of Our Lord, Victoria, BC Canada


6.30 pm Informal meeting

Garth to speak on Israel, CMJ, and the times in which we live.


Sunday 29th April:

Church of Our Lord, Victoria, BC Canada


9.30 am and 10.30 am  Morning Services, Garth is preaching on Romans 11.


Other events may be added to this programme, in which case this itinerary will be updated.



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