Here we go - starting this Director's blog

Being intimidated by having to start a blog for the first time in my life!

Starting a blog

I'm new to this. I've not had a Facebook or Twitter account, and so I'm a bit intimidated by having to start this blog as we at CMJ Israel launch our new website. 

As part of the training, I had to write a mock tweet giving my life story. Here's what I wrote:

Cape Town boy, lucky to study Biblical Archaeology in Jerusalem and Oxford. Married to a wonderful Dane, now living the dream in Israel.

Of course there's more, but that'll do for now. I will learn as I go along. I'll try and make this interesting, concise and useful. I'll post my musings, details of talks I'm scheduled to give, trips abroad, and hopefully links to videos and audio recordings of talks and teachings.

I trust that this will be as useful and interesting for you as it will be fun for me.


Garth and Vibeke Gilmour at Christ Church Jerusalem
Garth and Vibeke Gilmour in the courtyard at Christ Church



I have just stumbled on this wonderful site of your blog with its information about you as I was scanning some information on CMJ. I have briefly seen all your recent trips they must have been indeed awesomely tiring and trying but with the experience of the supernatural presence of His glory which I believe kept you refreshed in some special and divine manner that brought tremendous satisfaction.
I take this opportunity to apologize for lack of correspondence on my part since beginning of this year. I did travel to Uganda Feb - March which was quite challenging but God was in the detail and ensured His peace. I would like to assure you that my prayer support for you has not diminished. Right now my prayer is that as you have just had a holiday may the Almighty God who refreshes and restores your strength while you work, have been able to grant you an enlarged reserve store of accumulation of strength that will keep you going for the next haul without tiring or fainting (Isa. 40:31)!
Deborah - with love in the Lord and prayers

Thank you Deborah, for your prayers and your faithful support for our work here at CMJ Israel.

Keep working ,fantastic job! dcdecdddbabadddf

Thank you for your support. I'm so grateful for your encouragement!

Great work with the blog - and every blessing on you both as you handle the pressures of "ministry!"

Dear Elliott, thank you so much for this encouraging note. Thank you for your support.
Blessings from Jerusalem, Garth

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