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CMJ has a remarkable presence here

I’ve heard about Hong Kong since I was a child. It’s a city of mystery, excitement, and James Bond movies! And CMJ is there. Our CMJ Hong Kong branch is led by Peter and Amelia Wong, who head up an excellent ministry of education and outreach in the territory.

Central to their identity and purpose is the HaDavar Bible Museum in the little Christian village (one of only two in Hong Kong) of Shung Him Tong. This museum attracts Christian groups almost every day that visit to learn about the context of Scripture, see a Torah scroll, study Biblical plants, see replicas of Biblical artefacts (my favourite: the Tel Dan stela mentioning the House of David), a life-size mock up of a 1st century AD synagogue, and so on. It’s illuminating, and exciting.


A model of Jerusalem in the 1st century AD.
A model of Jerusalem in the 1st century AD.


Hong Kong is so far from Jerusalem geographically and culturally that without a museum like this it is almost impossible for local Chinese believers to gain an understanding of the place, the people and the events of Scripture. Peter and Amelia and their team are doing a wonderful job of educating local believers in these things. And of course, the more people learn, the more they understand, the more they want to visit Israel to see it for themselves.

Speaking engagements and visits to local churches

Aaron Eime and I were there for just two days. We spent time getting to know the team, visiting the village, and the museum, and meeting other local believers, including the main church in the village where the pastor, a lady, played Amazing Grace on the old bellows organ!

CMJ Hong Kong team relaxing with us
CMJ Hong Kong team relaxing with us


The local team arranged a public meeting where Aaron and I both spoke, giving us the chance to share about CMJ Israel, and to teach from the Scriptures. And they filmed both of us giving brief talks in the museum about a couple of the artefacts there; Aaron spoke on the Book of Daniel, about the importance of hearing the Word and not just reading it, while I shared about how the Tel Dan inscription was found, and why it is important, particularly in the context of 2 Kings 9.

Visit to Fanling Tsung Kyam Church, Hong Kong
Visit to Fanling Tsung Kyam Church, Hong Kong


All these talks are in the process of being prepared for posting online (including the addition of Chinese subtitles), and will appear on the CMJ Hong Kong website in due course (www.cmj-hk.org).

CMJ Team at Fanling Tsung Kyam Church, Hong Kong with local pastors
CMJ Team at Fanling Tsung Kyam Church, Hong Kong with local pastors


We were overwhelmed by the hospitality, kindness, openness, and grace shown by these wonderful beloved colleagues. The have the fragrance of Christ about them! We were grateful to be there, and look forward to returning for a longer visit whenever it becomes possible.

The Lord's Prayer in Chinese
The Lord's Prayer in Chinese, in the Fanling Tsung Kyam Church, Hong Kong


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