St David’s Day Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast for Wales

Privileged to attend the first St David’s Day Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast for Wales

St David's Day Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast at the Senedd in Cardiff

Vibeke and I were privileged to be invited to attend the first St David’s Day Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast for Wales, held at the Senedd, the home of the Welsh Assembly (Parliament) in Cardiff on 1st March.


The event was planned to celebrate Wales’ Christian heritage, and what a heritage it is. We were reminded of the Welsh revivals of the 19th and early 20th centuries, of great figures like Evan Roberts and Rees Howells, and, sadly, of the decline of Welsh spirituality in recent years as recorded in the national census figures.

St David's Day Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast, Cardiff, 1st March 2018
Star of David

Revival Bibles

Among the items on display from the National Library of Wales was the Malagasy Bible, translated into the local language by two Welsh missionaries to Madagascar, David Jones and David Griffiths, two hundred years ago, and surviving pages from the Bible of Evan Roberts, one of the great figures of the 1904-05 Welsh revival.

Malagasy Bible
The Malagasy Bible from the early 19th century


Evan Roberts's Bible
Evan Roberts's Bible


There was a real sense of the prophetic significance of this event taking place in the Welsh Assembly building, on St David’s Day. We look for the restoration of Wales to its rightful historic place as an inspiration to the nations in faith, intercession and spiritual leadership.

Congratulations to Darren Millar AM, Russell George AM and their colleagues on an excellent, visionary programme.

Our visit then took an unexpected turn as we were snowed in, and unable to leave our hotel in Cardiff to return to Luton Airport and to Israel. I’m writing this blog entry in the lobby of our hotel. The pictures show some of the chaos in the car park today. We hope to leave tomorrow, but the signs so far aren’t good – more snow is falling... But God is good, and we are happy!


Truck blocking car park
A truck blocking the entrance to our hotel car park


Snow in our car park
Snow in our car park



With Welsh ancestry as well as Divine Blessing, what could one do but thrill to the Welsh Choir singing 'Calvary'!! Thank you Garth.

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