NewPoverties Conference: Session 4

New Poverties Conference poster

Christ Church will be hosting the fourth session of the New Poverties Conference on Friday, Sept. 13 from 900 to 1300. Rev. David Pileggi starts the day off with a talk on William Wilberforce's campaign against human trafficking and how it can inspire us in the 21st century. Download conference schedule.

The New Poverties refer to injustices that provide major societal challenges. They can result from genocide, war, terror, climate change, massive environmental pollution, mass migrations, economic inequalities, water and food insecurity and social disruption.

The goal of the conference is to identify core ethical values and to seek win-win solutions to dealing with these issues in our region. The program develops three major themes:

i) defining the New poverties;

ii) case studies and interventions with a particular emphasis on examples of regional cooperation between Israeli and Palestinian colleagues;

iii) promoting example of positive deviance in addressing the big ethical problems of our region.

The conference will bring together colleagues from the sciences and humanities, advocates and activists – Israeli and Palestinians as well as others.

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