The God of Jacob



Psalm 46 is a beautiful and comforting prayer. The Psalm begins with a powerful reminder that God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in times of trouble (verse 1). Treasured words to pray and reflect when life throws us a curve ball...

The Lord Almighty is with us (Psalm 46:7)

The Lord Almighty is with us, the God of Jacob is our Fortress! (Psalm 46:7)

Here we see a common Hebrew parallel, where the Lord Almighty is paired with the descriptive title as the God of Jacob. Which begs a question: Out of all the people in the Bible for God to name Himself by, why choose Jacob? Are there not other characters whom might be better suited with better qualities in which to pair God’s Name with? Perhaps a good king like Hezekiah or Josiah the reformer.

Going Deeper...

What is the character of Jacob?

What is the character of Jacob? He is usually not one that we would hold up as a role model for ourselves. He is not an obvious hero type like David, someone who is noble and brave and stands up to the enemy? David faced giants and defeated them. He battled and stood against kings of all types. On a tender note, it is David who wrote psalms and prayed with heartfelt intent. After all, it is through David that we designate the lineage of the Messiah. Messiah is to be of the House of David, not the House of Jacob.

Jacob: a swindler, liar and charlatan

Rather, Jacob is swindler, a liar and a charlatan. He steals a birthright from his own brother and then cowardly flees the family. Jacob lacks the courage to face his crime. To square the circle while Jacob is away serving his Uncle Laban, the deceiver himself gets deceived by Laban.

Jacob is a fearful man, often paired in the text with the word fear, announcing his reasons for fleeing Laban as ‘I was afraid ..’ (Genesis 31:31). And yet, God identifies Himself as the God of Jacob...

And yet God is still the God of Jacob

It is in that choice of Jacob against other Biblical figures that the we learn something of God’s character.

We learn that He is not deterred by our failings or weaknesses - instead it’s the reverse. It’s in those weaknesses that He is strong and can show His strength. When we are afraid we can hear the call of the Lord, “Do not Fear! For I am with you!”

Examining Jacob’s relationship with God in the Biblical text we discover that Jacob is not a compliant figure. In comparison to someone like Abraham, who obeys immediately the directions of the Words of Heaven, God doesn't give much direction to Jacob. God and Jacob wrestle together, however God does not communicate His intentions or directions to Jacob. Jacob is rarely saved out of his problems, he has to struggle though them, often without a rescue from God. And he has no great military victories like his grandfather Abraham.

However, we see that God pursues Jacob, no matter how far he runs away, giving reassurance often in dreams and visions, often walking behind the scenes in Jacob’s life. We see that redemption sometimes works itself out in a lifetime and is not always instantaneous.

God draws near to those who are imperfect

To a character that is fearful, highly flawed and struggling, we find God drawing near, reassuring and boldly declaring, “I am the God of Jacob”.

This reveals a great deal about the character of God. He is concerned with the struggler, the fearful and the burdened. He sees us in our weakness, loves and guides us anyway, and declares Himself proudly to be ours. Psalm 47:4 declares, “He is the Pride of Jacob, whom He loved”. And that is a very comforting thought indeed.


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A very encouraging and insightful message.

Thank you! I’m so pleased to have received an email telling me about this article. It is a great encouragement.

John, we are so pleased that this post is meaningful to you. May the Lord richly bless you!

An insight into Gods relationship with Jacob I’ve never seen before. Thanks Aaron! We’ll share with our team in Devos.

Shalom Shawna, I had some issues with logging into the Yeshiva comments past few days, trust its sorted now. Let me know the response of the team if you will.

Very encouraging. As a flawed person and Christian myself I can relate to struggling with God and with myself with various issues. It is great to know that God loves all his people regardless of their achievements and helps and guides us as we struggle.

Greetings in the mighty name of Jesus Christ our savior and redeemer whom grace and peace comes from. It is our first time to write you this letter , after visiting your website which is so interesting.

We are from Kenya Gucha district , we are the group of pastor who have started a ministry which is not under any ministry . The name of the ministry is Riamageto fellowship church . We are worshiping under shades with some believers whom God has brought to us , so we welcome you to share with us the word of God as we are continuing. God bless you as we hope to hear from you in Jesus name.

yours faithfully,

Very encouraging. This is the way that jesus and the Holy spirit guide us through the ups downs and ordeals of life and keep us faithful to him. We have to just recognise our weaknesses and failings and receive his unconditional love and promise of salvation.

It give me insights that God are forgiving and this will also lead us into the paths of Holiness by forgiving others as well.

I was hearing the God of Jacob. I didn't know what it means and I decided to Google it. I'm full of tears right now!

Amen 🙏🙏

Thank you so very much for this revelation. It has strengthened my heart so much

What a special encouragement for us Doloris! Thank you!

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