CMJ Today - Mar/Apr 2019

We continue to give thanks for your faithful support – Philippians 1:3-11

Dear Friends and CMJ Supporters across the globe. Spring has finally arrived and, although all of Israel is grateful for this past winter’s record rains, sunshine and warmer temperatures have brought out flowers and blossoms everywhere, smiles and mellowed tempers. It’s a glorious spectacle and a reminder of God’s grace!

Sensing His Pleasure

We recently interviewed a young woman presently volunteering at CMJ Israel’s Christ Church Guest House to find out why she came to Israel.

After all, hospitality work is manual, menial, tiring and often humbling.  


CMJ Israel Volunteers

Despite having had a good life and career prospects back home, she knew that God was nudging her to explore different opportunities, to measure Him through absolute faith and she simply could not ignore His prompting.

Did she have second thoughts? None and sharing experiences, praying and working alongside volunteers from other countries as well as local Jewish and Arab staff have been an unexpected and welcome surprise.

“Since being in Israel God inhabits my quiet times with Him and I sense His pleasure. What more could I ask?”

Hidden Treasures

Because of its location, the Jerusalem Heritage Centre continues to draw a high number of visitors throughout the year.

On a sunny, spring Sunday afternoon, a group of twenty-five Christian visitors from Germany, intrigued by the “Museum” sign, asked their tour guide if they could go inside.

CMJ Israel Heritage Center

When they came out an hour later one of CMJ’s staff engaged in conversation with several in the group. There was a look of wonderment and emotion amongst them, several exclaiming that they had no idea of CMJ’s extraordinary, two-hundred-year-old history in the Land, the perfectly detailed Temple and original Old City models. They left with a commitment to pray, to share what they learnt and to return with more friends.

An Easter Season Miracle

One of our young volunteers who was with us for 7 months walked out of Christ Church and Jaffa Gate on his last day in Israel.  He tells this story.

The Light of the Cross
Menorah icon

Suddenly a man stops me. He says there is a light over my head and that it radiates from the silver cross hanging around my neck. I cannot feel or see anything myself, however, I am reminded of the miracle at Pentecost and I explain a bit about it. 

He is overwhelmed by the light of the cross and asks me what it means. I tell him about God's light and love for us and the salvation Jesus gave us on the Cross. He is obviously overwhelmed by the cross and repeatedly says that he is drawn to it. 

Then I ask if I can pray for him and we sit down on a bench. He takes my hand and I pray that God will shine in his life, that he will receive Jesus and what Jesus did on the cross for him. He says that it was powerful to be prayed for. 

He asks if he can have my cross. I give it to him saying "Receive God's Love in Jesus".  Before we say goodbye, I encourage him to seek God through prayer and the Bible and to meet Jesus-believers from Christ Church. 

We wish you all a blessed Passover and Easter celebration!

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