CMJ Today - Nov/Dec 2018

It’s hard to believe but 2018 is almost over! As we look back on the past year we are humbled by God’s grace and provision which have enabled us to continue the work of all our ministries.

The challenges are many but your faithful support and prayers sustain and encourage us to soldier on for we know that we serve a God who, especially when it comes to Israel, does not slumber nor sleep.

God is moving at Beit Bracha

It has been nearly a year since Beit Bracha’s Bedouin Tent was erected on the south side of the guesthouse.  Most of those using this dedicated prayer and worship space are followers of Yeshua, but the prayer has always been that it would speak to the villagers as well, reminding them that the God of Israel is one who wants to tabernacle with them face to face. 

Bedouin Prayer Tent
Menorah icon

Lost in Worship

Recently, we saw an answer to that prayer. Our nine guests from Germany (incidentally, part of the group that gave the seed money for the tent) were worshipping in the tent after breakfast while our staff was in the main house cleaning up.  One of the women in the group looked up as a young modern orthodox father was entering the tent with a toddler on his shoulder.  He came in, smiled at a German woman, sat down, and closed his eyes while the worship continued. Just outside the tent, his wife waited while three other little girls in long sleeves and long dresses, quietly moved in and out of the tent between their parents.  The guests said that the couple did not speak to them, but stayed maybe ten minutes as the group continued worshipping the Lord in German.  Then the family quietly left.

Please pray that the Lord draws more of His people into the tent – to meet Him face to face in a space that is continually being filled with praise and worship to Him.  Kent leaves the tent partly open each night, with a light on, as a quiet invitation to any who wish to enter.

Please consider giving to God's House of Blessing in the Galilee.  Your end-of-year gift will be a blessing which the Lord will greatly multiply.

Study the Bible in Israel

“Shoresh” is the Hebrew word for “Root” and CMJ’s Shoresh Study Tours is designed to offer Christians around the world the opportunity to learn about the Jewish roots of the Christian faith, in Israel, within the context of the Land.

Established in 1986, Shoresh was the first tour agency to offer Biblical Study Tours of Israel especially designed to explore Biblical teachings in their original settings. Additionally, Shoresh is unique in that all its licenced tour guides are committed, Messianic Jewish believers.

On every tour, folks have many “ahah” moments – times when the Bible literally comes to life. It is as if the Bible goes from flat and black and white to round and in colour.  On a recent tour, a woman visiting Israel for the first time told us, “reading the Psalms of Ascent while standing on the southern steps of the Temple was meaningful beyond comparison.”

"I lift up my eyes to the mountains – where does my help come from?
My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth."

Psalm 121:1,2

Teaching in the Galilee.

We encourage you to visit the Shoresh website where you will also find 2019 and 2020 tour schedules.  The team will work with you to customise the right tour and itinerary for your group.

A Renewed Heart

Maron grew up in a poor Christian Arab family in the Old City of Jerusalem. He felt underprivileged and blamed God for the family’s lack of means. As a young man, he became addicted to heroin and cocaine. He sold drugs and was often in and out of prison.
One day Maron approached someone whom he knew was also an addict and offered to sell him drugs. To his surprise, the man told him that he was no longer a drug user. When asked what had happened, the man told Maron that Jesus had changed his life, set him free of drugs and challenged Maron to do the same. Maron told him that he didn’t believe him and that his life was his own. He went home but couldn’t stop thinking about what his friend had told him and realised that he was living a miserable life. In desperation, shouted: “Jesus, I am without hope and a future. If you are alive, make a miracle for me!”. He was overwhelmed by a sense of love and compassion and felt God saying that he needed to trust Him to change his life, to be His child and servant.  

Maron’s friend told him about the House of Victory, in Haifa, where he could get help. He was shocked to find Arabs and Jews playing, laughing and praying together. His former prejudices, bitterness and hatred began to disappear, especially when he discovered that the very person who ministered to him was Jewish. Maron was completely healed from drugs and developed a deep love for Israel and the Jewish people.

Today, Maron works in the gift shop at Christ Church.  He loves sharing his story with everyone who comes into the shop.  Maron also serves as a pastor in Jaffa, Tel Aviv, Bethlehem and Jerusalem. His prayer is that both Jews and Arabs will find peace through Jesus, the Messiah.

A Christ Church Christmas

Every year, on December 24th, CMJ’s Christ Church puts on a special evening to celebrate Christmas. The entire campus is filled with the glorious sound of carols, the cheerful sight of decorated trees and lights and the subtle aromas of hot soup, mulled wine and an assortment of Christmas cookies lovingly baked and served by the CMJ staff.

Star of David

Christmas at Christ Church is an open house event warmly welcoming people in off the street to enjoy the music and to hear the story of the birth of Christ. The music is a blend of the contemporary and traditional. The Scripture readings, offered in Hebrew, Arabic and English, comprise nine lessons each punctuated by a carol or song leading up to the birth of the Messiah. We have a unique opportunity to tell the story of a Jewish boy, born to Jewish parents in a Jewish land who is the Messiah for the entire world!

Also located on the campus, Christ Church’s Heritage Centre Museum welcomes visitors for several hours during the evening and attracts many who may be interested in learning CMJ’s two-hundred-year-old history in the Land and the Christian contribution to the establishment of the State of Israel.

Every year close to 2,000 join our joyous celebration.  Maybe you, too, would like to join us this year!

All of us at CMJ Israel extend our best wishes for a very happy Chanukah and Christmas celebration and pray that 2019 will be a year during which you will draw closer to the Lord and experience the full joy of serving Him.

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