This is the place to find studies on the Bible; Biblical feasts, fasts, and Holydays; the life and times of Jesus; the land of Israel; practical helps for living a Kingdom lifestyle, and much, much more.

The CMJ Israel Yeshiva

Part of the work of CMJ Israel is to promote the Biblically Jewish roots of Christianity by way of research, debate and knowledge sharing. This is not simply an exercise of the intellect, but of the whole person. It is our aim to promote a truly biblical lifestyle, wherever this can add value to the individual's own journey with God.

The CMJ Israel 'Yeshiva' is key to this aim and is a place where we will regularly post comments, thoughts, musings, studies and discoveries through life's journey through the Word of God. It is an informal, dynamic and vibrant arena where we invite you to sit with us - and where your own contributions are welcomed via the message boards.

So don't just sit and observe - get involved! As the Rabbis say, "it is not a sin to be ignorant, but it is a sin to not want to know".

Time to study the Bible

We invite you to "sit and talk" with us so we can pool our shared knowledge and experience of God and learn together - just as in the Biblical and Jewish Yeshiva setting. 

Spend a while with us in our studies, research, and thoughts. Indeed, just as in yeshiva, we invite you to actively engage with us and have your own say in the matters being discussed. At times we'll discuss scripture, at other times Biblical lifestyle, and at yet other times current affairs. You can even suggest topics for discussion by contacting us.

Our articles are almost exclusively from staff who live and work in Israel as part of the CMJ Israel team.

A page from the Hebrew Bible
God's promise to Israel: For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.