Shoresh Scheduled Tours 2018

We have an exciting selection of tours in 2018. Take a look at the itineraries by clicking on the tour names, and then get in touch for more information and details about the tour.

Study, walk and explore with us

Come and join us for a life-changing tour of the Holy land that you'll never forget!

You'll receive in-depth Bible teaching by believing guides, with the opportunity to study the world of Jesus in His First Century Jewish context - right where it happened in the Land of Israel. Our tour leaders have an in-depth understanding the Jewish roots of the Christian faith and will help you explore modern and ancient Israel, visiting primarily Biblically authentic sites.

Join us, and learn how the God of the Bible is very much active in Israel today.

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Our 2018 Study Tours

View individual itineraries by clicking on the tour names, where available.

For more information and details about most tours, click on each itinarary. For tours where the itinerary is not linked, send us an email.

2018 Date Tour Name Tour Leader Main Country
January 7-16 Life and World of Jesus Rev. David Charney USA
January 22-February 2 Shoresh Study Tour Todd and Beth Hoogland USA
Feb 20-Mar 2 Life and World of Jesus Leiton and Lisa Chinn USA
March 4-13 Watchmen Behold and Bless Israel Tour Carlos Sarmiento and Matthew Smoler USA
March 10-20 Life and World of Jesus Patricia Cruz Philippines
March 23 26 Life and World of Jesus Crossroads (Private Tour) Assorted
April 9-19 The Roots of Faith HarvestNet Institute USA
April 20-30 Life and World of Jesus Craig and Holly Tanksley Canada
April 29-May 15 Israel Tour Rev. John Atkinson (CMJ South Africa) South Africa
May 1-12 God's Faithfulness Harbour Church  USA
May 24-June 5 Israel Mission Trip Rich and Judy Hastings USA
June 1-12 Life and World of Jesus Rev. Can. Paul Jagoe USA
June 14-25 Life and World of Jesus Mark Ellis USA
June 26-July 6 Life and World of Jesus Katie Black (ESJ) USA
July 7-12 Life and World of Jesus plus ANZACs Barry Rogers (Private Tour) Australia
July 27-August 7 Shoresh Study Tour Ian Stobart UK
September 19-28 God's Faithfulness Cove Church USA
October 3-14 God's Faithfulness Andrew Hackett UK
October 9-19 Life and World of Jesus Chris Grecco USA
October 12-23 Worship and Watchmen Firstfruits Mission Grant and Hali Berry USA
October 21-28 Life and World of Jesus Ursula Johnston UK
October 21-31 Life and World of Jesus Priscilla Greer Mexico
November 1-12 God's Faithfulness Bob Coon USA
November 6-17 Study Tour Jay Abramson USA
November 13-24 God's Faithfulness St. James Church Singapore
December 26, 2018-January 3 TBC Truro Church  



  • Additional tours are being finalised at this time
  • To book your own group tour, please email us.


"The desert and the parched land will be glad; the wilderness will rejoice and blossom. Like the crocus, it will burst into bloom; it will rejoice greatly and shout for joy."

Isaiah 35:1-2a