Sleeper Awake! Why is the Feast of Trumpets significant to us today?


Jesus is coming for the church soon. The image of the beast is ready in "The Giant" in the co er of "art" to celebrate humanity. Oh, how we are falling SO fast. Tower of BABEL. New World Order is ready. I pray for the lost and Israel! I praise God in all things for His mercy and grace to see, that He is showing us to look up, be ready!!!

Can you tell us when could this event take place approximately? Rapture Will be first or before Tribulation and Mark of the Beast? Thanks ☺️

What a blessing it is to study God's word

The Dead in Christ is the watered down believer and they will be the first to be Rapture like a thief in the night, then the Living Church will be Raptured and the Living Church does know the Day and Hour, I will tell you when I believe Jesus will Rapture bothe the Dead and Alive Church in Christ; Feast of Trumpets 2022, AMEN AND PRAISE GOD! Research the Feast of Trumpets and Rosh Hashanah and give your life to God, all of it to Jesus and God, QUICK! Spread the word Jesus is on his way VERY SOON, Amen! God Bless Everyone!

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